Cecile Abeille

About Cecile Abeille, Founder 2bee

Cecile Abeille is a corporate and brand communications expert. She founded 2bee in 2019 after a successful 18 year career working for multinational and Fortune 500s, French startups, advising NGOs, leading markcoms for the luxury sector and running her own US PR agency. Working with various clients, Cecile taps into her wide network to pull in expert consultants or creative freelancers when needed on projects.

“Cecile is the quintessential idea generator and connector. Putting the right people in touch for successful partnerships globally”
Daniel Dozier, Business Development Director, Business France.

Work Experience

Cecile had a long career at The Estée Lauder Companies where she led international communications for multiple brands based out of the NYC HQ and was later sent to Paris, as EMEA Public Affairs Director, to build the department from the ground up. After successfully establishing the corporate reputation in the region, elevating the team and developing complex communication systems, she left the company to set-up her own consulting practice.

“Cecile is full of energy and her open mindset makes it very pleasant to work with her”.
Jean-Christophe Jourde, President, The Estée Lauder Companies, France.

Advising NGOs and start-ups from fashion, health to the environmental sector, Cecile taps into her previous accomplishments. For the Breast Cancer Campaign, she amplified it from a single activation initiative to one that is culturally relevant and year round. She created an app featuring Philippe Starck, David de Rothschild, Mélanie Laurent for World Oceans Day. Cecile developed campaigns and events for Oceana, to raise funds and awareness, as well as for International Women’s Day, MAC Aids Fund, Earth Month, YouthAids and renowned museums.

She is passionate about tech and an active supporter of France Digitale and Digital EU. Most recently as CMO of Data4Risk she has been leading the company’s positioning & visibility. Dedicated to sustainability, she has guided the recently launched Nature Unite and made significant impact advising Plastic Bank.

Passionate for our cause, Cecile quickly stepped in to refine our messaging and was instrumental in helping me with key media opportunities - notably the TED Radio Hour interview”.
David Katz, Founder and CEO, Plastic Bank.

Background & Education

Diversity and multicultural awareness comes naturally to Cecile as she was raised in Africa (Mauritania and Burundi) and has lived in France, the USA and Canada. She launched her career in Washington, DC which provided her valuable international and public affairs contacts both in the USA and EMEA. Trilingual - Cecile speaks English, French and Spanish.

Cecile holds a Bachelor of Arts Honors from Concordia University and completed the Oxford Leadership Program and Science Po Digital Strategy continuing education courses. Cecile is finishing her children’s book soon to be published. She lives in Paris with her family.

What a delight! Yes, Cecile is a wonderful combination of strategic thought and propriety. I would receive a well thought out plan that recognised and managed the budget and resource limitations but delivered 100% of the plan goals”. Sue Lewis, Asia Pacific, Travel Retail Director, Sisley.

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